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Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Yazaki Corporation, Japan Aviation Electronics (JAE), Furukawa Electric, and other electrical equipment-related products can be ordered.
If you do not have a lineup, please contact us and we may be able to prepare it.

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[* * Unknown coupler / terminal inquiries]
Images and product numbers of actual couplers and terminals
Image and product number of the other party coupler and terminal
Vehicle type / site used
As much information as possible in the above,
Only those who can get it properly will be allowed.

If you can send the image with a specific request,
Please attach to the email info@uniquesystem-jp.com
Even if you specify the coupler, it is often quick to specify if you can get the image of the terminal and the coupler on the other side.
You can attach as many images as you like, so it would be helpful if you could take pictures from all directions.
If you attach multiple images, you can divide the email into several emails.
If you can tell us the marks and numbers that are written, it will also help you to identify.

Japan Automatic Machine
Stripper Crimper CSD01 [1 unit]
Fully automatic crimping machine for both ends CPR-ZERO [1 unit]
Fully automatic crimping machine for both ends JN03S-A1 [1 unit]

Made overseas
Fully automatic crimping machine at both ends [1 unit]

Kodera Electronics
Casting C371 [1 unit]
Casting C371A [1 unit]
Casting C351 [1 unit]

Hot marker SP-3000

Semi-automatic crimping machine (including 4 ton crimping machine such as JST genuine / Hizure end product) [26 units]
Corrugated tube cutter [1 unit]
Tube cutter [1 unit]
Semi-automatic wire seal insertion machine [1 unit]
Bobbin winder with synchronous traverse [1 unit]
Other applicators [100 or more]
Pneumatic automatic wire peeling machine